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Basement Remodeling in Cincinnati, OH

Basement Remodeling in Cincinnati, OH | Construction & Home Repair

The basement doesn’t have to be a storage space destined to host cobwebs and little else. Remodel your basement and take advantage of all of the space in your home! If you’re ready to get started, look no farther than Construction & Home Repair for your remodeling partner.


In Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding areas, Construction & Home Repair is the leader in basement remodeling. With years of experience working on basement remodeling and their unique challenges, Construction & Home Repair is the expert you need on your side.

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Basement remodeling is unique in that basements often present some tough challenges such as moisture issues, low temperatures and ventilation problems. Over the years, we’ve developed some great techniques for solving these problems so that your basement remodel not only looks great, but also creates a liveable, comfortable space.


At Construction & Home Repair, we customize each basement remodeling project by discussing your vision and plans. Then, we offer any recommendations or ideas that you might find helpful. With the plan in place, we then send you an estimate for the work so that you can take your budget into account. With your approval, our skilled teams get to work transforming your basement.


Our teams at Construction & Home Repair are skilled in all of the areas relevant to basement remodeling including foundation specialist, electricians, plumbers, drywall specialists, painters and more. We have the expertise to produce spectacular results in your basement for whatever purpose you’d like to give it.


At Construction & Home Repair, we know that your time is precious. We are a reliable company that always complete projects on time so that you can plan with confidence knowing that our work will be completed as scheduled. We also make sure to clean up thoroughly so that when we leave, all you see is your newly remodeled basement.


Call Construction & Home Repair to discuss your basement remodeling project today! We look forward to serving you.

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